joi, 8 mai 2014

New sakura origami

You can obtain a clean result on this side.

A new personal origami model.
Looks as the traditional sakura flower,the same proportions,but has a better result,more attractive  on concave part!In this case you need the rectangular format: 1/2.Strong connection as in classic unit case.


open the right triangle

and open

than unfold and make a reverse fold inside of this triangle to form the pocket of the unit

than as in image nr 9,but the median line in mountain goes under the pocket triangle 

than  put inside the left triangle flap...

now,fold in half

than make the flap for connection


make 5 units.

clasic connection,no glue,very strong result..

A very nice modular flower,beautiful and not difficult as construction ,...And,yes, with posibility of a clean  result on both sides!


joi, 1 mai 2014

Origami Vas 4 petale/Origami flower vessel

Author: Masamichi Naoma

Constructiile cu un rezult clar,curat, fara a da batai mari de cap,au inceput sa ma fascineze tot mai mult in ultimul timp.Redescopar as spune,acel origami simplu,dar atat de eficient ,atractiv si inteligent ca mod de executie.Planuri putine ,ample,monumentale,forme frumos stilizate  au desigur farmecul si poezia lor spatiala.
As mai adauga ceea ce o spun multora deseori,exercitiul in sine de constructie este fascinant si relaxant!