marți, 22 aprilie 2014

Origami heart chair/Petal heart flower

My new origami designs:

1) Origami heart chair (medium level)
2)Petal heart flower (7 modular flower)

Modelele au fost create inainte de Paste.

Easer than the heart armchair posted few articles ago.Look really  very attractive...can be an wonderful decor for a table!

verso (back side)-variations

Avantajul cazului din dreapta este lipsa acelei despicaturi mediane .Totusi ,consider prima versiune mai atractiva ca design.

Looks very nice ,with a clean result ,a beautiful connection,but for stability needs a litlle glue!
Practically I tried to create a new origami heart ,but with the time I saw the possibility of a very nice unit.As a petal of heart (a half)

verso(back side)- a concave flower with 7 petales.

2 comentarii:

  1. Hi, Congrats for your creations, I love the flower, it has a great effect!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, it is really a beautiful model.I am very satisfacted about result.Very strong and an intresting construction.Thanks!!!!!