duminică, 13 aprilie 2014

New origami hearts/Heart armchair/Heart pendant

Personal origami models:

1)- "Convex Stand Heart" with inserts,no glue!(the stand was posted in anterior article)
Looks better in reallity the heart stand with wings!!!!

2)And 2 days ago ,a very attractive and with a very beautiful construction "Heart armchair",Can insert on back side a paper with a message,no glue.Very thanked about this pure design.Perfect as a decorativ origami structure for a table,desk,etc

An wonderful look on back side too!

3) A new "Concave Heart Stand "(yesterday elaborated)
In this case I spent some time for this almost perfect arched expression.An wonderful volumetry through some proportiones .I dream someday to manage a perfect 3d model,on both sides!

4)Finally a " Heart Pendant " with lateral pockets .Very good and nice for to join two photos.I'll try to poste soon some images for to put it better  in evidence.

Have a nice day,and be inspired by love in all your activities!

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